…that makes me get my hands on the waxy, fiery magical medium of encaustic? Could it be the heat? The magic in not knowing what will happen next?

I made a decision, not too long ago, to choose Light. Joy. To choose Yes! This was the best decision I ever made. It was also a matter of timing. I never left the art behind; it was always present. It was my salvation and my ticket out of so many ugly, anxious moments. Every day that I am in my studio, with the high ceiling, sunlight pouring through the skylights, my dog Lila snoozing on the sofa, I am happy. Joyous. In celebration of Life, the Good and the Curiosity of what will happen next. I hope these feeling come through in my work. I know my creations are not meant to be left in my studio, nor necessarily made for me. They are my contribution to, well, You! I want you to experience pieces of my joy, energy and wonder. I want to inspire you to say yes to Life. To stretch and take risks, ponder those crazy colors I use, feel a shift of just maybe doing something different today. A step in a new direction. Or trading in those dark clothes for something brighter. Perhaps something in red?


Abstract Constructions of Love

I love color, form, and the heat of encaustic. These elements ignite my senses and bring forth a type of construction that is intuitive and reflective of my environment. Nature is my essential teacher and the natural environment my best learning environment whether in my native California or in Brazil where I travel yearly.

This confluence of Brazil and California has inspired me to explore the use of strong color, bold shapes and organic mark making. I have learned from personal experience that color is a powerful change agent and can be used to influence emotions, health, and soulful integrity.

I paint to experience positive change, curiosity and connection in life. As I work with Color, I feel an undefined language linking the physical and emotional geographies. I move and make choices with my body. Melodic. Decisive. Pausing briefly.


I need color and heat. Encaustic plays to my passions. My pieces often begin with an intuitive, space-defining sketch made directly onto the panel. I always have a few colors or an emotion in mind that fuel the painting. I work quickly, choosing additional colors to challenge the palette and evolving composition. The soul is at play. I am a conduit for these abstract Constructions of Love.

Official Bio

Francesca-Saveri-1146-webFrancesca Saveri is a California artist committed to creating beauty through full expression. She credits Nature to be her essential teacher and the natural environment her best learning environment in which she has constant interaction.

Her work is deeply influenced by her lifelong practices of music, writing and movement. A former teacher, she treasures the process of growth and learning through exploration, risk taking, and collaboration. With a mixture of a little magic, humor and the belief that anything is possible, she realizes her creative visions through a variety of mediums.

A curious adventurer, she spends time each year in Salvador, Brazil where the Baiano culture orients her to new propositions in expressive constructions and reveals interior landscapes for her to explore. This confluence of Brazil and California has led her to create large encaustic paintings with strong color and organic mark making.

Francesca has exhibited in galleries, museums and art fairs throughout the United States.  At the 2016 Spectrum Art Fair in Indian Wells, she was a spotlight artist, featured in Spectrum marketing and participated in an artist panel.  Her piece Drifting Landforms was recently awarded “Best in Show” by Susan Snyder in the 2016 “Aqua” show at Gallery Route One in Mill Valley.  In December 2016, she exhibited with Studio 26 Gallery of NYC in the Satellite Art Show at Art Basel Miami.

She’ll begin 2018 exhibiting at the Las Vegas Art Fair and as a guest panelist for an exhibition in Los Angeles.

Francesca holds a Master’s Degree in Environmental Education from CSUH  and a BFA from UC Berkeley.  She has shown extensively in the Bay Area as well as New York, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona.

She has numerous Private Collectors throughout the United States.  Her work has also been placed in corporate collections.