Imagine a Brightlife fueled by color. Let’s create it.
Vibrant, luminous, abstract encaustic paintings for the adventurous collector. 

San Francisco Bay Area

Encaustic is a delicious mixture of beeswax, damar resin & raw pigment!


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The studio is open by appointment!

Still looking for that statement piece?  Ready now to finally redecorate your living room?  I can help you choose the right painting for your home.  I’ve had the privilege of helping many people this year take home pieces they love to love!  Send me an email and we’ll set up a time for you to come by to look at my work.

Please wear a mask.

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You can now purchase a painting from my new Shopify website.    I’ll be curating the Shopify site regularly so paintings will come and go.  Sign up for my monthly newsletter to get notices of when a new collection is launched.  This is going to be fun!



A new palette.

Francesca Saveri

Abstract Constructions of Love

I love color, form, and the heat of encaustic. These elements ignite my senses and bring forth a type of construction that is intuitive and reflective of my environment. Nature is my essential teacher and the natural environment my best learning environment whether in my native California or in Brazil where I travel yearly.  This confluence of Brazil and California has inspired me to explore the use of strong color, bold shapes and organic mark making.

I have learned from personal experience that color is a powerful change agent and can be used to influence emotions, health, and soulful integrity.  I paint to experience positive change, curiosity and connection in life. As I work with Color, I feel an undefined language linking the physical and emotional geographies. I move and make choices with my body. Melodic. Decisive.  The human spirit unfolds.

"I hope you’re basking and relaxing in the afterglow of your Open Studio weekends. We loved being part of the encaustic demo on Saturday and I can see why you carry a torch for this medium!"



Imagine shopping for that perfect painting, surrounded by color in a tranquil art studio nestled in nature. Healthy treats, warm brew. Abstract paintings to brighten your life and those you love. How?

I invite you to visit me at Studio Wildcat.  Let art inspire you to live your Brightlife.


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