It’s about Color! To energize, harmonize & inspire. I create vibrant, luminous, abstract encaustic paintings, installations & prints for the adventurous collector.   SF Bay Area | Brazil

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Encaustic is a delicious mixture of beeswax, damar resin & raw pigment!


The New EBOS: East Bay Open Studios!

The ever popular East Bay Open Studios Summer Event for artists, collectors and art lovers, will have a new look and feel this year.  The event is now produced by Dream World Media led by Carolyn Quan, an award-winning, internationally-collected fine artist, and artist advocate.  This is going to be the exciting event of the year for East Bay Artists.  To read what Carolyn has planned please go to the EBOS site here.

Out & About

New Galleries North and South

Starting the year off with two places to find my work. 

Gallery McCollum in Laguna Beach, CA

Mama de Luna Gallery in Crockett, CA

Visit my Exhibitions Section for the details.  Thank you!

Studio Visit for Valentine’s Day

Imagine shopping surrounded by color in a tranquil art studio nestled in nature.  Healthy treats, warm brew.  Abstract paintings to brighten your life and those you love.  How?

I invite you to visit me at Studio Wildcat.  Let art inspire you to live your Brightlife.

By appointment until January 24, 2017.  Then off to Brazil.

Close to Tilden Park



Just The Way You Look | 40″ x 30″

New for 2017.  It’s a gorgeous one!



Drifting Landforms | 60″ x 30″ | Now Available

A Best in Show piece.

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