It’s about Color! To energize, harmonize & inspire. I create vibrant, luminous, abstract encaustic paintings, installations & prints for the adventurous collector.   SF Bay Area | Brazil

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Encaustic is a delicious mixture of beeswax, damar resin & raw pigment!


The Chakritudes are LIVE!

An all color Fall with a little variety sprinkled in.  I’ve returned to the Chakras and am in love with this collection of small, intimate, hold in your hand, pure color encaustic paintings.  Bedside, morning side, workbench, altar.  They are your go to paintings for inspiration, meditation and joy.  Edges trimmed in gold acrylic.  They are deep enough to stand up or ready to hang.  Your choice.  In the store now!

Out & About

Art on Paper @ The Meal Ticket

Kicking off the Fall with a selection of paper and panel encaustic paintings at the delightful restaurant/gallery The Meal Ticket in Berkeley.  Begins September 20th, 2016 and runs through December, 2016.  Give me a heads up and I’ll join you for lunch!  Visit my Exhibitions Section for the details.  Thank you!


Continuing the plans for exhibiting at Aqua and Context at Art Basel Miami in December.  New York in May, 2017!  The details are in the Exhibitions Section!



Septet Collection on Wall

Septet Series | @ 6″ x 6″ | 2015

Off to Aqua Art Miami in December!



The Chakritudes | each 7″ x 5″ | 2016

Browse and shop the Chakritudes HERE

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