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In The Chakrids (chakra + grids) I dive into the physical and emotional areas of the human body through the use of color. Each chakra (energy center) has a corresponding color that divides the electrical forces in the body into 7 areas. Each of the 7 colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet) is presented in a smaller array of nine 10” x 10” paintings. Each painting within the array holds energy that can stand on its own or merge within the total force field. Energy flow can be directed by the arrangement and development of spatial color patterns.

The Chakrids as presented are shining forth in a balanced harmonious state; yet under further scrutiny the viewer can see 54 independent compositions pushing against the edges. With re-arrangement of pieces, the Chakrids can present a human experience filled with tension and disassociation; a body seeking to find balance in a world where balance is only a state of the mind.

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Chakra + Etudes = Chakritudes

I’ve returned to the Chakras and am in love with this collection of small, intimate, hold in your hand, pure color encaustic paintings.  Bedside, morning side, workbench, altar.  They are your go to paintings for inspiration, meditation and joy.

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