I’m so fortunate to live in the San Francisco Bay Area which is rich with museums, galleries and art openings. A quick trip on public transportation can bring me into the heart of downtown SF where I can spend the whole day looking at art.

If I don’t want to go into the city, I can stay in the East Bay and join hundreds of other art lovers at Oakland’s monthly Art Murmur. Streets are closed and it’s one massive walking tour de force.

Right now Julian Schnabel is at the Legion of Honor. He has created a new body of work for the Legion of Honor Court; paintings that are 24 feet by 24 feet that aren’t meant to last.

Ethiopian born artist Julie Mehretu is at the SF Museum of Modern Art. She too is showing some very large work created especially for the museum. At 27 feet high and 32 feet wide they are larger than da Vinci’s The Last Supper. There is an article about how she created this work here.

“Have you seen the new show at ______?”

“Not yet.”

My usual response. After I’m told how wonderful the show was and I agree I must go and how going to the museum is a great energizer; it’s still not a habit.

I do make it to the major shows and openings of artist friends. And I always come away with a deeper understanding and appreciation for the artist and her work. The greatest way to see art is in person. No doubt.


Fear of missing out. I bet you’ve heard of that expression. You say yes to actions you really don’t want to do in fear you’ll be missing out on something! It could also mean not going along with what is traditionally done. The way it’s supposed to be or has been done. The status quo. A gluttonous, fearful way of going through life.

Well, I just heard a new one!


Joy of missing out! Isn’t that wonderful? It’s a terrific way of looking at what is already present rather than what you’re losing. It’s a get-to-do way of thinking. A responsible choice.

Lately this is what JOMO looks like:


Instead of rushing to get to the gym in the morning, I’m taking long walks in the morning with Lila and am in the studio before 9am. There’s joy in keeping the world out until my work is done.


Cows! What?

Last week I had to return an item I purchased from a store in Lafayette, a town about 20 minutes away from me situated in the East Bay hills. It all could have transpired through the internet. Everyone loves Amazon. Shopping sites. I do too. They are fast and time savers.

I had one night to do the return.

It had already been a long day of driving, but into the car goes Lila, forget dinner, forget her walk and get out there before they close. All goes well. I make the exchange and ask about the regional park in the area. I’m given directions from another customer and we’re off.

Five minutes later we’re at the trail head. After twenty minutes of a steady climb we’re on the top of the ridge. My gosh. What a view. 360 degrees worth.

There was so much to love in that moment. The heat. Blue skies. The cows. The solitude. Freedom. Knowing that this was one of those best days ever.


That “best” day shows up in the studio. Where did these lines and marks come from? It was a short studio session and I wanted to get something on those prepped panels before the end of the day. Being large panels I could walk my way through the space and mark as I go. Freedom.

I’m thinking JOMO’s have a cumulative effect.

And what about Julie? I’m going to the museum to see her work. Extreme JOMO.



Do you have any JOMO experiences?