Know exactly what you want.  No discussion.  This is what we’re doing.  Now.

Damn.  How these animals teach us the basics in life.

I’m taking a break from the Fall whirlwind of Art-ing.  Some may see it as vacation, but actually it’s going to another type of studio with this guy.  I’m at the beginning of a possibly 20 year learning curve, a path I clearly chose.

It’s worth spending time with like minded people when learning; which is always.  I’ve a few days to go and I’ve taken many notes, recorded lectures and taken videos.  Here are some gems I’ll be taking back to Studio Wildcat.

a) be very clear in every step

b) how much?  A little too much because it’s working

c) pay attention to the rhythm.  the music of the dance

d) clarity is the step.  no maybe, unsure.  we go.

e) the energy is immediate and clear


The Energy is Immediate and Clear

abstract encaustic paintingThis one needs to be on my studio wall.  It precisely describes the feeling I want to get with the next round of paintings.

I think this not so good photo of this painting is a start.

Is there clarity?

Is there rhythm?

Is there a little too much because it’s working?

Suggestion for the week:

Where is the clarity and rhythm in your day?

I thought I was pretty clear about things until Mr. First showed me otherwise!

Happy Sunday!