I’m still reminiscing about my recent trip to La Jolla.  The artwork of Niki de Saint Phalle is racing in my head.  Her shapes, color and emotional intensity have encouraged me to pause and ask:

“How can I play larger and riskier in my art?”

I didn’t mention that I also visited The Madison Gallery in Solano Beach.  I’ve known of the artist Hunt Slonem for a number of years now and was happily surprised to find out that the gallery was exhibiting his work.  Bunnies, parrots, butterflies and Lincoln!  Once you see his video you’ll understand.

Hunt is a master at color, repetition and quirkiness.  This video of Hunt in his studio, or maybe it was his home made me lighten up and remember to live large.  Watch it for solutions for what to do with your gestural warm up paintings, why artists collect and why we arrange and re-arrange furniture.  You can view it HERE.

So I’m on the “hunt” for my animals.  Will turn my rapid fire warm up paintings into a salon wall with antique finding frames.  I’ll put out my whole collection of ceramic Orixas and Sao Jorges on my credenza and show them off to all my visitors.  Heck with updating to “modern” furniture; I’m keeping my Eastlake bedroom set and old and worn but beautiful sounding Chickering piano.

Between Hunt and Niki, I’ve assembled the start of my personal board of directors.  Rabbits, birds, nanas and totems.  What a rich, colorful and magical year 2020 is turning out to be!