When I was teaching elementary school in Oakland many years ago we had a motto:

Each one teach one.

In a class of 60 it was impossible for my co-teacher and me to reach every student when we were introducing a new concept.  It was a norm in our classroom that when you knew how to do something you would find someone who needed help.  We also made it clear that it was okay to not know and get help.

Teaching is learning.  It’s empowering.  It feels good.  It is good.

Yesterday I taught another one day encaustic workshop to a wonderful group of friends and artists.  It reminded me of my best days in the public schools where questions were being answered, conversations were easy, help was an arm’s reach away.

And then there is silence.

The moment where the information is sinking in and the internal conversation begins.  The painting is speaking.

Are you listening?

Tip for todayFind an opportunity to teach something to someone.  It’s free.  No calories.  A light touch of humanity.