A distracting week.  Stops and starts with some paintings.  Sold my Vespa and with it memories of another me.

Concluded with a trip to emergency for puppy Pippin.  Saturday afternoon he woke up from a nap with horrendous red droopy eyes.  A game of wait and see for a few hours.  Just didn’t feel right.  Couldn’t sit on my hands any longer and began calling the emergency vets.  No luck in my area.

Frantic I called any number I could find.

“Yes we can see him.  Bring him in  We’re 24/7.”  The man’s voice was calm and supportive.

“Where are you located?”

“San Ramon.”

Ok.  Not too bad.

Half an hour later we walked into one of the best Emergency Pet Hospitals I’ve ever attended.  It was an open floor plan hospital/surgery center.  Friendly vets, smiles and peaceful.  No curb side exchange here.  I stayed with Pippin during the whole exam.

Result?  Most likely debris deep in his eyes.  No ulcers or visible particles.  Eye drops for the week.  Thinking back, he did lie down on the side of the road after our walk.  The ground was a mix of dirt, fox tails, weeds and seeds.

My studio mate is sleeping now.  Sometimes it’s best to follow your gut even if it’s only to hear,

It’s going to be okay.