After I put Puppy Pippin into a command such as sit, stay down; how does he know when it’s over?  He’s waiting for another cue, some sign from me that we can move on and he got it right.

What is the release?

I think about this as I look at the current state of my studio.  It has been in “command” mode for many months and then I abandoned it as a few other things took priority.  Puppyhood, cold weather and Mr. First cued me into new action.

Now that puppy can use the dog door to relieve himself and Mr. First is getting body work from me 3 times a week; I took a pass through the studio to take a look and get a feel for where I am.  Imagine entering a kitchen where a grand meal was just prepared and then the cook left.  All the remnants, scents and impressions of that meal were left behind.  That’s my studio right now; yet, I don’t want to eat leftovers.

Remember Puppy Pippin?  He’s still sitting waiting for me to release him.  Here’s his cue:

“Okay.” (release)

“Search.”  (he’s free to look for the treat I tossed on the floor)

Dog training is human training!

OK.  Search.

I love it.  So simple.  Search!  Look for the goodie.  It’s here somewhere.  Keep going.  Any and all directions.  Eventually you’ll find it.

I’ve pulled out my notebook and am looking through sketches.  I’m going through all my paints and holding some to get a feel for the color.  Will sweep the floor.  Maybe something fell under the table.


My search is on and it’s fun.

I watch Pippin has he spots the treat.  He eats it and runs back to me eagerly.

What’s next?

The search is on.