It’s happening!  Finally!

We’ve got the go ahead to have our annual East Bay Open Studios the first weekend in June.  Naturally it can be shut down at anytime if we have a Covid flare up.  To edge against that possibility, the event will also be online and perhaps virtual.  Not sure how all of this will work, yet to know that I’ll have visitors in the studio soon has put some oomph in my step.  That means you!

One reason I love Open Studios is that it gives people a chance to visit a true working encaustic studio.  Many people are unfamiliar with the medium and part of my role as an artist is to educate.  There is a line from Wikipedia that I like to highlight:

From Wikipedia, “…Two groups of portraits can be distinguished by technique: one of encaustic (wax) paintings, the other in tempera. The former are usually of higher quality….”

To read more you can visit my blog post HERE. 

When people visit the studio without researching me; they’re unsure of what they’re seeing.  They know something is different but they don’t know why.  It’s a feel.  A vibrancy.

Fingers crossed our coming out of quarantine continues and we’ll all be able to vibrate together!