Moving along in the studio this week and realizing it’s days left until Open Studio.  In less than a month I need to have a superb presentation of my art, an organized studio and quick access to boxed work in storage.  I like this moment.

Like a kettle on the stove, it’s pressure that creates the song.

A few moments as I write my tune.







Deciding whether to group work in fours or twos.  Leaning towards this grid effect.







I have these nine to play with in some sort of configuration.  Bottom three can stand on their own.







Bike has got to go.  Studio turned into a bit of a catch-all this last month.  I don’t like to have non-art stuff in there.  Changes the vibe.

Pippin learning to hang out with me now.  That’s a good vibe.

It seems I’m a person who pushes projects close to deadline.  Not always a great way to work, yet time is defined and good decisions come quickly.  Are you a start as soon as possible person?  Or, like me, wait until the steam starts building!