Day one of Open Studio is over and we’re about to begin day two of East Bay Open Studios!  What can often be a long day turned into a great training session for Pippin and I sold 3 paintings!

Originally I was going to keep him out of the studio by putting up a baby gate at the back studio door.  The mornings are usually slow so until people came he was with me hanging out on his bed.  My first visitor was someone I knew and asked if she wanted to meet puppy.  “Of course!”

And that’s when the light bulb went on.  This is THE opportunity to teach Pippin how to greet people!  I asked my friend if she’d be willing to do a little puppy training when she was in the studio.  Another resounding yes.  I gave her some kibble and instructions.  If he jumps, turn away from him and don’t look at him.  When he sits or stands and leaves you alone toss him some kibble.

It was fantastic!  For the first time I didn’t have to manage him.  Puppy was in control of his own behavior.  If he wanted a treat he’d have to figure this out.  It’s his choice!  Choice is the foundation of my training with him.  By the end of the day Pippin had a belly full of treats and a dozen or so new friends.

Everyone who entered the studio agreed to play this game.  Some did so enthusiastically and even added other commands.  The not so thrilled dog people had a way to keep the dog away too,.  Eventually, Pippin would settle onto his bed and take a snooze.

Self management.  Choice.  We all have it.

As you go about your day today,  pay attention to all the choices you get to make.  Which ones reinforce and nourish?  Which ones dim the energy and put a frown on your face?

I loved that I chose to keep Pippin in the studio.  He’ll be with me today and I’m thinking of a new game for my visitors to play.