The Almost Forgotten Post- Artspan San Francisco

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This is the post that was almost forgotten in the midst of preparing and setting up for Artspan San Francisco Open Studio.

Day one of the weekend is behind me and in an hour or so I’ll head out to San Francisco for Day 2.

Events like these are similar to surviving crashing waves.  You know they’re coming.  You’ve been watching them build up momentum far off in the distance.  There is eagerness to play yet uncertainty of the growing power.  Curiosity keeps you rooted. 

I’m still in the crashing wave right now.  Soon there will be a receding silence where the gems, keepsakes and treasures will surface.  I’ll carry them back into the studio to rinse them off and take a closer look.

A thank you to my old and new friends for visiting me yesterday.  You’re in my treasure box!





A Week of Surprises: Workshop to Weekend SF Open Studio

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October has taken off.

The encaustic workshop is behind me and I’m getting ready for Weekend One of ARTSPAN SF Open Studio.  It’s crunch time which means I’m saying no to most invitations.  I’ve even put the dancing and workouts on hold.  I’m focused on selecting work, finishing edges, wrapping and boxing paintings in order to be ready on Thursday for the U-Haul delivery to SF.  Phew.

Oh, and there’s a painting I need to deliver to the juried show at San Francisco Women’s Art Gallery.  Tomorrow.

Fortunately I’m good at planning and all I need to do is do my To_Do list.  Let the list absorb the tension of juggling perhaps too many balls.  Or maybe you remember those plate spinners who run from stick to stick giving each a little spin to keep the plates from falling.  That’s how this week feels.  Spin, spin.  Spin, spin.  Eyes ahead.

This strategy paid off when this I received an email this week from The Firehouse Arts Center in Pleasanton asking if I’d exhibit some of my work in their lobby gallery.  When?  ASAP.

I’m realizing the benefits of having  systems in place to be able to move quickly and spin multiple plates.  Within two days the work was delivered and on the walls.  By the third day the Center had my work and information on their website and in their marketing loop. 

What a pleasure it was to work with others who have systems in place and follow through with the talk.

They know how to spin too.



PS:  Info for SF Open Studio is here.

East Bay Open Studio Weekend One

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There’s something about sitting in the studio before the doors open officially to the public for Open Studio. There’s a word in Portuguese: aconchego. It means cozy, embracing and just right. It feels very aconchego right now.

I look around and see a visual calendar of the last 6 months. Each painting has marked time through title and color. Like a metronome, there has been a steady rhythm to the work though it was unrecognizable at the time.

There is value to cleaning up the place, tossing paintings that were at the end of their shelf life and re-organizing work. Always editing. Weeding. Thinning. Lean existence. Abundance in the space.

This year I wanted to show only, well mostly, my new work Pillowtalk. I wanted to acknowledge the whole conversation and listen for its guidance into my next 6 months.

Imagine making squares for a quilt that stack up over time only to make sense when stitched together. That’s how hanging a show feels. You have to sit back, take it all in and let it wrap you up. Always in color.

I’m pleased.




Gillian St George June 9, 2018 at 8:50 am – Reply
Strong and exciting work Francesca. It was encouraging for me as an artist to hear you say that you edit, weed & thin as I do a lot of that! Your studio looks very inviting! Gillian
Francesca June 10, 2018 at 5:00 pm – Reply 
Thank you Gillian! Do you find that you edit beyond your art and studio? Could it be a lifestyle?


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“What are you working on now?


I get a mix of looks with this response. Some chuckle, others want more information and some even mention Doris Day.

That is an example of PillowTalk. I believe when we access our subconscious mind and bring the information into the present moment we are utilizing a greater range of sensibilities.

Take it a step further.

My dreams are lucid and filled with information. I lead the charge. I fly. I speak Português fluently. I’m calling them “sleep” experiences for lack of a better word plus I’m not able, YET, to formalize them in this moment. Perhaps it is the subconscious?

Is it possible to simultaneously access and integrate our “sleep” mind with the present moment? This exploration is the basis of my new color series PillowTalk.

In my last post I showed a “doodle” of procrastination. Or was it? I wrote that the doodle provided me with the information I needed for the day. It was an exit from the freeway into the countryside where a multi-sensory awareness thrives.

Look away from this post for a moment. Look straight ahead and take notice of the objects. Maybe you can see a chair, table, lamp, dog resting on a bed. Now blur the eyes and see the space and what might BE beyond the space. I have a hunch that space has our presence too and is filled with information.

The paintings in PillowTalk explore the merging of this “double” life, “double” speak. The squeezing of two active disengaged realms create compositions of contrast, color overlaps and peeks into forgotten space.

As the series progressed I utilized more of the quiet conversations that aren’t verbalized when we are awake. Blocks of color rest next to visible meandering lines buried beneath layers of clear medium. The work became lighter and buoyant. Honest.

Freeway. Exit. A choice.



PS: Open Studio June 2-3 and 9-10. Hope you can take the exit and come see PillowTalk in person!

Getting Ready for Open Studio

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I’ve put away the hot plates, panels and hair picker outers. Must mean it’s time for Open Studio! This will be my 8th consecutive open studio and I’m rather proud of that!

This year I’ll be presenting a cohesive body of work called PillowTalk. The concept began with two paintings: one on paper and the other on panel. Each piece provided me with rules and a type of roadmap to follow. Along the way there were deviations yet I restrained myself to stick to the plan.

This was harder than I thought.

What helped me dive deeper into the work was coming up with the title of the series. Once I hit upon the word “PillowTalk” it all fell into place. The word allowed me to associate with emotions and actions while keeping to my “rules”.

I believe we switch tracks before we’ve gone the distance.

Of course I switched tracks a few times and even switched countries. I had enough information for the work to be able to return to it even after a break of two weeks. I’m someone who likes to work uninterrupted once I get in the groove. When a painting hits a certain mark in its development, I hang on like a crab until the work is done.

PillowTalk is done. Paintings are being moved around to create a delightful experience for you on June 2-3 and June 9-10, 2018. I want my work to speak to you from a distance and to invite you in for the private tête-à-tête. Simultaneous consciousness.

Next week I’ll have written the PillowTalk statement. I need to have a few more conversations myself. Sometimes truth is after the fact.



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