Superfine Art Fair is over.  Strike that.  The Superfine Endurance Event is over.  Art Fairs are demanding especially when they’re 4 days long with 8 – 10 hour shifts.  I think there could be a niche market for “trainers” who work with artists.

It has taken me about a week to recover and just in time to greet my new visitors to the studio! I hoped that by exhibiting in the Bay Area people who enjoyed my work would want to come see more.  No need to exhibit in LA, Miami or New York.  There are plenty of people in my back yard.  And I met them last weekend.

I was happy to see young people interested in art.  For many, it was their first time buying “real” art and becoming a collector.  They were so excited to learn about encaustic and take in all of my color.  Many would slowly look at the paintings and then look at me and smile.

I smiled back.

I did something a little different this time.  On my way out the door before opening night, I grabbed a little 6″ x 8″ card that had my art statement on it.  From another exhibit and nicely produced, I thought I might be able to use this.  It ended up being the key that opened the door for many people.  It’s only two paragraphs, quick to ready.  Placed at eye level.

I watched people as they read my words.  Every time there was a change of expression.  Concentration would turn into a smile.  Tense bodies relaxed.  I could see them sink into their own desires.

Mission accomplished.

I made a decision not too long ago to choose Light.  Joy.  To choose yes.  This was the best decision I’ve ever made.  It was also a matter of timing.  I never left the art behind; it was always present in my life.  It was my salvation and my ticket out of so many ugly, anxious moments.  Every day that I’m in my studio with the sunlight pouring through the skylights and my dog Lila snoozing on the sofa, I am happy.  Joyous.  In celebration of Life, the Good and the Curiosity of what will happen next.

I hope these feeling come through in my work. I know my creations are not meant to be left in my studio, nor necessarily made for me. They are my contribution to, well, you! I want you to experience pieces of my joy, energy and wonder. I want to inspire you to say yes to Life. To stretch and take risks, ponder those crazy colors I use, feel a shift of just maybe doing something different today. A step in a new direction. Or trading in those dark clothes for something brighter. Perhaps something in red?