Are you socially distanced too?

I’m taking this pandemic seriously.  Maybe because I now fall into “that” age group and I had a horrific flu at the beginning of the year which lasted for 4 long weeks. Nevertheless I see that taking care goes beyond just my sphere of encounters.  My decision to stay home or go out could have an effect on you and your parents and grandparents.

A potential buyer from the art fair rescheduled his visit today because he has a bit of a cold. I appreciated that and will do the same for others.

I have a responsibility to you and your community too.

I never worried about germs or carried hand sanitizers around with me before.  Then I watched Dr. Sanjay Gupta demonstrate how to wash your hands on The Late Show with Steven Colbert.

Well I’ll be.  I’ve been doing it wrong all this time.  The whole interview is worth a watch.

From the neighborhood emails I’ve received, some people are just not used to being isolated and are wondering how to pass the time.  Since I spend most of my hours alone in the studio or with my critters not much has changed for me.  I did do all my laundry though, made soup and created a new Shopify site for my art.  Might be fun to shop for art now that we’re home more.  You can visit the website HERE.

I’m still building it out and would love feedback on what’s working and what needs clarification.

In the meantime I experimented in the studio.  The photo below is of two 40″ x 30″ paintings that began with paper monotypes on panel.  I adhered the paper to the panel with medium and then started in with the encaustic.  You can see some of the paper pieces on the floor.  Not sure where these are going but wanted to change the flow with a new element.


Ended the week with Mr. First.  We were practicing our “social distancing” in the meadow across from his home.

I’m grateful to be in a neighborhood where we’re looking out for each other; whether it’s grocery shopping, baby sitting or running errands.  Help where you can.  Check in on people.  And don’t forget to wash your thumbs too!