I’ve been getting ready for Superfine Art Fair which starts next week.  That means framing, making inventory sheets and boxing 24 paintings.  Plus packing my toolkit with hardware, torches, marketing materials and the DO NOT FORGET cotton rag to buff the paintings.

It’s not difficult work to prepare for a show; it’s a matter of being organized.  This feels natural to me perhaps  due to the many years I spent teaching children and adults in the Oakland Public Schools.  A friend pointed out to me that a lot of people can’t organize like this.  Wow.  I never knew.  So I’m patting myself on the back as I tick off my list a few more things I need to do.

For this show, I decided to have all of my work framed.  I’m using a local frame maker and I’m thrilled by how the paintings look.  I used to think that my work, due to the nature of the composition and color, needed to breathe and extend beyond the panel.  After seeing these big paintings framed, I feel the container creates more animation and energy.

I’ve included a few examples here.

Caindo Beijos – 30″ x 40″

Sunny Side Up – 40″ x 40″

I hope to do well at this show and always dream of driving home with an empty car.  Yesterday I received the daily blog post from Seth Godin and it reminded me of what ART can stand for.  Here is an excerpt:

Many of the totems in our lives don’t actually do anything all on their own. Books don’t read themselves, and flowers don’t love us.  But they can represent something. They can remind us of what’s possible. They can trigger us to be in the right state of mind.  Consider surrounding yourself with totems that invite generous action. They’re souvenirs of your best self.

You can read his full post HERE.

I’m going to invite my viewers to surround themselves with souvenirs of their best self.



Hope to see you this weekend.  I’m Booth #22!