Last week it was a cake.  Tonight it was my chicken breast.

Puppy has turned into a counter surfer.

Giving him the cold shoulder right now.  He hates it when I don’t engage with him; no eyes, voice or touch.  He has silently retreated into the bedroom and put himself to bed.  Early.

Look at that nose!

I thought I had this under control; but darn, it was just his size that kept his thunder paws off the counter and his Pinocchio nose out of my food.  At 7 months he still has some growing to do so it’s back to the beginning with our game of It’s Your Choice.  Need to start playing by my rules!

And it’s back to the beginning with that big board which is the size of a kitchen counter!  It took 3 days to scrape the layers away.  At the end I had enough wax curls to fill a pillowcase.  I liked some of the faded imagery appearing as I scraped closer to the initial surface so I’ve left some color and shape for now.  Leaving a little behind can offer some direction; but do I want to be an ant and follow the crumbs?

Well, it’s my choice.  What are my rules this time?  Like Pippin, I think I’ll go back to the beginning, clear the counters and have a new go at it in the morning.