The sun is out and it smells differently today. Little brown birds are moving incognito and feverishly over my hillside garden. The shadows feel late today as if they too were languishing in the sun.

On days like this I’m a lizard following the sun with Lila in tow. All to-do’s take a passenger seat and enjoy the ride as I orient my body toward the light.

My last to do is sending all images and information to Superfine Art Fair being held at the end of this month. Here is a logo they made for me: 

The painting is Sunny Side Up and it’s a big one.  Maybe you see why I called it that.  Makes it easy for me to remember names when the painting triggers an image in my mind.  It could also be called Red Corn.

If you haven’t received my link to get complimentary tickets to the show, here it is once more.

Click on the link HERE.  It will take you to an Eventbrite webpage where you can get your ticket.  If you have trouble follow these instructions.

  • Head to Eventbrite
  • Select ‘Tickets’ 
  • Click ‘Enter promo code’ on the upper-left 
  • Apply discount code SAVERIVIP

The complimentary tickets provide access to the Champagne Vernissage, VIP Early-Access Morning Edition, and admission during the fair’s General Admission hours. 

I’m looking forward to this one.  It’s my little ray of sunshine for the next few weeks.