I’m ready for the discipline of the day again.  Paintings have sold, workshops given, deliveries made and pick ups scheduled.  I’ve cracked open the 2019 calendar and I’m already into March.  I like routine.  It frees me and gives me space to explore.

I have three blocks per day; or around 9 hours to work.  One weekday is for appointments.  I think it’s a great day when I don’t need to leave my hill other than to tumble down the other side of Tilden to visit Mr. First.  That guy is bringing me into the NOW like no other being.  He’s demanding that I rise to the commitment to do.  TO BE.  There is no room for try.  It’s very black and white.

Trying is waiting for something to happen, often something horrible!  BE-ING is going in with a plan and making it happen.  No doubt.  No hesitation.  This is what we’re doing.  The conversation I have with the horse is the one I have with myself.  Mirror talk.  Sure saves a lot of time and completely eliminates the doubts and hesitations.

And, you can try different plans.

Try is the thinking.  Plan is the doing.

I’ve learned not to confuse the two.

This little Violet painting is from my larger Chakrid installation.  No doubt it’s Violet.  If you look closely though you’ll see hue differences and tiny shapes.  My rule was to paint only Violet.  BE VIOLET.  It would have been so easy to add another color and to see what happens.  

But that wasn’t the game that day.  I had a plan and there were 53 more panels to go.  No time for Maybe.