From 0 to 60mph in one week?!

Time to Be Tree and deepen the roots.  Being a visual person, creating images of nature in my mind offer me a mental and physical model of how to adjust to the world around me.  Leaves, waves, fish all contain clues as to how to go about my day.

This week I’ve been a redwood tree swaying in the wind, drinking in the rain and watching the limbs of weak trees break and fall to the ground.  There is a lot of crumpling going on right now from local to global.   What’s cool about redwood trees is that when they die/ or cut down, they leave little sprouts around the trunk that turn in to future trees.  They also know to reach out to others for stability.  Breadth not depth.  Their shallow roots extend laterally from the tree over 50 feet in every direction and connect with other roots for a greater foundation.

I’m in lateral extension right now; connecting with my various communities and building a strong foundation for 2021.  I’m also looking for unusual and new connections.  It’s a time to be open minded and consider the possibilities.

A fresh white panel is the best place to test the possibilities.  It’s easy to take risks in the comfort of my studio.  I’m building up my weakened risk taking, extension muscles.  A risk is really just how much you trust yourself.

I know there are other roots reaching towards me too.