I have a large bag of assorted wax paint of various sizes, colors and brands.  They are the materials of my dear friend who died last year.

I toss them onto my work table as one would toss the ashes of a family member into the sea.  Releasing.  Smiling.  Gently.  The current catches the ashes and folds them into a beautiful design.  The trail lifts and falls and in short time the memories become part of a bigger picture that wraps endlessly around the horizon.

This year will be about discernment; choosing the pieces that create beauty.  Last year was an opportunity to identify which pieces were important to hold on to and which ones I thanked and then let go of.

I also learned that patience takes courage.

It’s hard to sit with discomfort and trust the calm will come.  I double downed on meditation this year and it saved me!  Mr. First appreciates my deeply counted breath and we find each other through this energy.

This week I’ve been playing a game with all this color.  I take 5 pieces quickly from the pile and set it aside.  I don’t think, I feel.  I want Feel to guide me in all actions this year.  Each set of 5 will become the palette for a painting.  I’ve been given a rainbow and I want it to stretch and shine as long, bright and wide as possible.

A few of the selections so far.

Working at night so the photo is strange, but you get the Feeling.

Excited to see where these colors take me.  May courage guide your 2021.

Happy New Year!