I’m not much of a movie fan and rarely have patience to sit in a dark room with strangers watching a film.  Difficult for me to be still for that long.  But if I can get a tasteful selection of great films I’ll give it a try.

Enter Kino Lorber. Every month I get an email highlighting a handful of movies based on a theme.  His curation has opened up my eyes to GREAT art-house, independent and classic cinema.  Take a look HERE to see the email.

I don’t remember subscribing to his mailing list; yet, I look forward to receiving it now.  This week focuses on art and it’s a blast.

Twined succulent

Christo. Hilma af Klint.  Tom of Finland.  David Hockney.  Bosch.

I’ve always had a fascination for Christo and remember his 1976 project Running Fence in Marin/Sonoma County.  At that time I was riding my bike along many of the hillsides that he would later criss cross with his fabric fence.  I had never thought of art as being something that could integrate with nature, the community and the visitors.  His vision of what could be opened up a whole new way of thinking for me.

If you’re fascinated by Christo too, check out his documentary on The Floating Piers HERE.  Situated in Italy, the film has some insightful scenes on how to “sell” art.  (Hint:  the price always goes up…)

Next, I’ll scale down and learn about the mysterious world hidden in the unusual details painted by Bosch.

Tiny on a grand scale.