The first day back in the studio started in a simple way. Prepping panels.

Out comes the white ground, the quarter inch birch panels and a brush. Turn on the music and begin again.

The brush glides smoothly over the panel and I notice the regularity of the strokes. There is a humbling satisfaction at this stage. You’re really back to the beginning and what has come before or will come after makes no difference. It’s hard not to smile at all the possibilities buried in that clean white surface.

And I do it again. And again. Until all 6 panels are coated in white.

I pay attention to words here.

Do Again.

There’s no judgement in those words. No inference. It’s a lovely phrase to use when things don’t quite go the way you want. These words are better than,

Try Again.

Try again makes me frustrated, incompetent and lacking.

Do Again is the invitation. It’s going so well I’ll do it again! Almost there!

It’s an opening of the heart rather than a contraction.

It’s show me again. I’m curious and want to learn. Do it again. I’m captivated.