Paintings and boxes are moving in and out of the studio right now.  It’s a busy month November and I’m happy that my work will be sprinkled all over the Bay Area!  In between bursts of renting U-Hauls, getting sick and updating the website I’m beginning to think about my next series of paintings.

In my last post someone mentioned how amazing that violet painting could be if it were large.  I agree.  Large is exciting, monumental and commanding.  But are they functional?  Do they serve a purpose other than to delight the artist?

The people I’ve encountered seem to prefer mid size to small paintings in their lives.  How many people can really put a 4 foot by 4 foot painting in their home?  Or even larger?  It’s like having a grand piano in your home.  Either you play or you don’t.

Perhaps it’s a matter of knowing your trajectory.

I’m thinking about 2019; a year to reel it in, allowing the sensibility of encaustic to enlarge the space it resides.  Like gas, it will fill its container.

What size do you think this painting is? 

Would it be better appreciated if it were smaller or larger? 

A few days ago,  I removed the last large painting from the gallery space for Artspan San Francisco.  I looked back and felt a wave of sadness.  The room seemed cold and naked.  Forgotten.  A new show was going up so I knew it wouldn’t be empty for long.

Any size will do.