I’ve set the Screen Time feature on my gadgets. 8am to 8pm is plenty of time to have internet access.

I’m a new person.

Altered Book -encaustic and mixed media

It’s been a week now and my mind is in a completely new space. Mornings are fresh and spacious. No checking, no responding.  They now include a mix of longer dog walks, meditation, stretches in the garden.  I’m reading again and have finished two books in 4 days.  (I highly recommend Isabel Allende’s Daughter of Fortune) 

I’m the kind of reader who can easily sit for hours if it is a good book.  Yesterday I had an errand in San Francisco to run and I couldn’t wait to get on BART so I could READ! 

When I returned to my car at the BART station, the sun had warmed the interior so nicely that I reclined my seat and began to read.  Allende can tell a story like no other.  I was deep in her words.  Occasionally I’d look up to see someone get in their car and drive off.  I was in no hurry.  The lot was still full and there was plenty of daylight.

Altered Book – encaustic and mixed media

“I am free now.”

The last line on the final page that Eliza, the main character of the novel speaks.  I looked up and saw the parking lot had thinned out.

Yes.  Freedom to start a new chapter in life.