It’s show and tell time from the studio.

I’m a morning and a night person.  In-between I just want to eat, read, take a nap and wake up to an espresso with a cup of my very own design!  This makes me smile every time.

I decided to test out making a few items that are essential to my day.  An espresso was first on the list.  That little cup and saucer filled with a strong brew holds many memories.  I bet your cup transports you too.

This is one on my gafieira birds resting on a limb.

We all need a moment to rest and dream.

My other daily habit is writing.  As I’ve said I’m a pen and paper nerd and always travel with a notebook and an assortment of writing gear.  I love list making, calendar entries and working through my thoughts letter by letter.

And now, I have my own little notebook to fill.  The cover is good and the color came out well.  The real test will be when I start writing in it.  How does is sit in my lap or on a table.  How well does it hold the ink?  Does it bleed through to the other side?  I hate that.  Lines, dots or lines?

painting on a notebook

My re-reading of Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art got me into action.  I beat resistance and have been painting at night.  I trick myself and go in to just check on one thing.  A buff here, a scrape there, and before I know it the griddles are hot and I’m into a four hour stint.

Green is coming through loud and clear.  These two of the six paintings I’m working on are getting the eye treatment.  Just look and don’t touch.  I’m having a conversation with the other four.  Could this green be a response to the fires?


A little green to help the breath.

Hope you’re all safe and have your evacuation bags ready.  We’ve only just begun.