It feels good to make a decision.  Whether it works out or not it feels good to move ahead.  So, the decision is…

Do my blogging on this site!  Yeah.  Keep Shopify as my commerce site and perhaps look into the Shopify integration with WordPress.  Who knew?  I guess that other people ask the same questions that I do so ask the Google crystal ball.

I’m also completing a Seth Godin course on marketing.  It has been phenomenal and recommend it to everyone.  One mantra that I need to tattoo on my forearm is:

Always Be Testing

Make a decision and go forward.  Test it out.  See what the results are.  Are the changes I’m seeking to make happening?  This is a good strategy to use in general.  I spend so much time researching multiple strategies that nothing happens!  Spinning wheels and it feels like I’m busy.  Busy doesn’t mean effective.  Busy is a red flag that decisions are not being made.  The why of what I do is lost.  The people I’m seeking to serve are strangers.  No more busy.

Sitting at a coffee shop in Healdsburg.  Finished up a horseback riding lesson; my studio away from the studio.  Art studio, horse studio, dance studio, any studio.  There is an expectation of learning, risk taking and what I call head-less work.  Meaning, the work comes from the heart.  The art feels it, the horse feels it and your dance partner feels it.

How can I enlarge the walls of the studio so that I’m always in studio mode?  This afternoon I’ll attempt that as I call my insurance guy to report the little fender bender that happened this morning.

It’s cool.  Always be testing.