It’s time to edit the house again.  I want to see more space in between.  Feel less wobble.

A friend of mine is adventuring through New Mexico and delighted me with some photos of Georgia O’Keeffe’s home in New Mexico.  She always captures the essence of a scene and skillfully zooms and crops her way into the subject matter.  Swiftly and silently she creates a story for the viewer.

Photo by Eva Harris

Her photos of O’Keeffe’s environment stunned me.  Bold shapes.  Deep color.  Wide expanses.  Solid lines.   I’m not sure whether the artist’s home is now curated or if she really lived in that austere organization and simplicity.  Regardless, I was drawn to the space and clarity.  Shadows, walls and ladders became animators of the space.  Every object had importance.

It’s clear O’Keeffe’s environment was her art.  Her life.  Her style.

I do believe we all have a unique alignment with the big U (the Universe) as I call it and our soul.  When aligned we spin effortlessly like a gyroscope and can choose any orientation.  Life is easy.  Too many wobbles though and we topple.

What makes you wobble?

I hope you enjoy these photos by Eva Harris.

Going to remove some of the wobbles from my home now.  I want to spin.