You think it would be easy.  I sent my submission of 9 paintings, resume and statement in to Start Up Small Works Art Fair.  Weeks went by and then I received the good news.  Acceptance!  Did the happy dance.  Thank you Start Up!

Fast forward to today, two weekends before the show and I’m just now beginning to play with the display.  I’m pulling potential paintings from the walls, shelves and drawers and begin to arrange.  In short time I realize it’s way too much work and I need to edit A LOT out.  I’ve only a 30″ x 72″ table and 9″ x 60″ wall to display my paintings.

I learned from the Superfine Art Fair in Los Angeles that less is better.  People get confused with too many choices.  I saw this happen to fellow artists that left very little white space on their walls.  Viewers would attempt to make sense of what they were seeing but their eyes could not pause and enter the conversation of the artist.

Too much information.

paintings for small works art fair

Start with what you know.

I returned to my submission file and placed those 9 on the table.  Each piece had a partner piece so I added those.  I wanted to have a range of sizes and prices so I checked for that.  My foundation was strong and there was breathing room.

So far I know these three will go.  Certainly that’s a good start.





PS:  If you’d like to receive a complimentary ticket to the Small Works Art Fair on July 19-21 in San Francisco send me an email.  I’ll get back to you with instructions.