The last few months I’ve been in observer mode feeling restless, sedentary and frustrated.  Waiting.  Not sure for what, but waiting.  I had enough of books, podcasts and thinking.  I needed to get out of my head and into my hands.  So, I built a wooden tool shed for the garden and that brought me joy.  Drilling, hammering, leveling.  A stand in for painting.  Cleaned the garden up and learned to love raked dirt.  It’s now the best room in the house.

Participation creates value.

Could it be time to give the studio a good cleaning and open up for encaustic workshops?  I’d really love it.   It’s time to switch from observer to participant and create a meaningful life again.  Where there has been stagnation I’m gauging my participation levels.  Places of disappointment are usually signs of observer mode and an opportunity to re-design how I am involved.

Saying no thank you is also participation.  And creating value.

XOXO, Francesca