Shifting the bow and aiming for 3 events.  Two Spectrum Art Fairs (Indian Wells & Miami), Berkeley Open Studio in June.

Indian Wells is behind me and I’m gearing up for East Bay Pro Arts Open Studios in June.  The first two weekends in June artists open up their studios to the public for this ever popular event.

Getting up at 6am & starting the day with a Power Pose. Thanks James Victore!

The power pose works!  Sometimes I go into the garden and do a light yoga warm up.  I do whatever I can remember from my deep and determined yoga days and what my body is telling me it needs.  Some days I need more twisting and wringing out, other days lengthening and balance work.  Lila comes out with me and does her thing too.

Renewed dedication to the piano. SCHEDULED PRACTICE!

I’m not sure if it is dedicated time but I tell myself that I need to find at least one one hour slot during the day and practice before I go to bed.  The before bedtime is working.  I’m off the computer, social media, phone, etc and I am focused on what is important.  I know little bits here and there pay off down the road.  Tunes are getting, well I wouldn’t say easier, but I’m able to get into them and take them apart faster.  I get where it’s coming from.  That, is satisfaction.  And a good night’s sleep!


Now I have dreams of visiting the Lusitano Horse Farms in Sao Paulo, Brazil.