This has to be one of my favorite paintings and it’s on paper!  Heavy watercolor paper is my base for layers of encaustic, mixed media and spray paint.  I work these on the floor and I imagine how Pollock felt circling his work not really knowing where the piece was headed.  But it didn’t matter for in that moment your insides are trying to make decisions without the brain interfering.

AP16 clearly shows the push and pull of bright color.  This painting is not for the faint of heart.  “Here I am.”  A statement.  No questions.  Not later, but now.  Now is the time to embrace color, to choose joy as the default.  Whenever I fall out of the Brightlife, yes that happens, I physically turn 180 degrees and face the opposite direction.  Land geometry.  Feel from the other side.  Now the wind is at your back.



AP16 Encaustic and Mixed Media on Paper | 30″ x22″ framed in white wood | Available