We’ve turned the corner and days are now getting longer and lighter.  I realized it’s not the darkness that gets to me but the cold. Winter light has an illusion of warmth and placebo helps. I’m trying to embrace the cold this season and tell myself “I love this weather!” rather than shift into the usual “it’s cold!”

I’m letting the cold hit me and absorbing it. Testing it out. Maybe it’s not as bad as I usually tell myself.

That works when I’m outside and moving about. In the studio it’s another story.

The temperature in the studio can get almost freezing. I’ve learned over the years to wrap some paintings and move others into the house just in case the temperature drops below freezing. It’s rare but why risk it. Winter in the studio means cleaning, puttering, organizing, testing ideas and tossing what doesn’t thrill me. If I stand too long my nose drips and it’s no fun.

Christmas came early to the studio. Here are a few gadgets and items that are making me smile right now. Maybe you’ll enjoy them too.

Pentel Arts Hybrid Technica Pens. I’ve finally found the perfect pen for signing my name to those small gift cards. You can get teeny tiny with this pen and it holds its line. They come in a variety of sizes. Perfect for those bullet journal people!  See photo above.

C-Clamps. I’ve been framing my 12″ x 12″ panel work and sometimes weighting the board down isn’t enough. Voila! The C-clamp is perfect. I use the 2″ or 2 1/2″ size. Buy them when you see them.  Oddly they can be hard to find.

Encaustic from Hylla.  Her company Evans Encaustics makes the richest, unique and long lasting sticks around. Her website shows actual samples of the color.  Plus, when you place an order she throws in a small sample color! Love in them mail. 

Spray Paint. I told myself if I’m going to use spray paint I have to wear the respirator. I know I look funny and it’s hard to wear my glasses with it on but I think I’m saving years of my life. I think I’ve found my new series for 2018. Pillowtalk. Still pushing on these to see where they go.

This last one is a little embarrassing. I never thought I would buy them but I live in them now. Flannel lined jeans. I bought mine from L.L.Bean and surprisingly they’re a good fit. I even bought two; one for the studio and one for going out. Somehow they seem like old lady pants…hmm…I’ve got them on now.  Super comfy and warm as I work in between the studio and the house.

May you have a joyous Christmas and holiday season.  I hope you got a few things for yourself this season. What items delighted you this year? Please share below. Love hearing from you.

Keep warm.