Napping in the studio

The weather makes such a difference for me.  How easy it is to get up when the sky is clear and the light is strong.  I don’t close the shades at night during this time of the year.  I want to get in sync with the change of light outside and watch the day reveal itself.

I feel that’s what I’ve been doing in the studio this month as I’ve prepared for Open Studio.  THE BIG REVEAL!  It might not be as glorious as Mother Nature but it sure comes close!  Light filled.  Color packed.  Inviting.

This week in-between open studio weekends I hung out in the studio. I felt like I was nestled among a scented bouquet; the color and placement of work were petals that folded, overlapped and defined space. I relaxed among my work and even took naps on the sofa tracking the time by the passing of the shadows as the sun moved West.

I hope this is the feel when people come to my studio. To breathe with the paintings and let them create calm within our energy fields. I want people to experience how it is to live with color which becomes a dimensional aspect, energy in their home.

The human spirit can be felt by what we place in our homes.

I’m paying attention.



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