Summertime Lull

Even the exploration stopped.

To keep the motor running I thought it would be a good time to make medium and prep a few panels.

When direction begins to wobble up the energy.

I’ve got 15lbs of medium cooking and 4 large panels to prep. That will get me into the night. The making of medium is pretty easy it just takes time.

Do I buy the roasted chicken or cook it? Plant a rose bush and water my annuals or buy flowers?

Keep watching horse training videos or add to my family?

Maybe the lull is just what we need to sweeten the pot.



PS: A thank you to all of my readers who’ve been writing me back! I smile with every email and blog comment. I love hearing your responses and take on words that rhyme with ORANGE, articles on Apersol Spritz with beautiful art, and more. Words can stabilize the wobble! Thank you!

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