I’ve been working on my new website for the last month or so. It was time to update the theme and make use of all the new features. I often get asked what I use for my site so I’m taking this opportunity to share that information.

I use WPEngine to self host my site on WordPress using the Avada theme. Plus, I have an excellent techie who helps me take the site live and troubleshoots when I get stuck.

The design is basically the same as before but I’ve added some new information and pages. I have a new section on visiting the studio, how to contact me and a SHOP page for small paintings! I’m excited to use a Shopify feature which allows me to integrate a shop page into my site!

There are some new features on the Portfolio page and instead of showing all of my work I’ve made a healthy selection of work. Think “knock knock” joke rather than the full reveal. How we love the tension of not knowing what is next!

Another change, suggested by a client, is to show the full image rather than a thumbnail. Often the thumbnail misrepresents the actual painting. I’ve also included more photos of my paintings in situ, which hopefully ignites the imagination! It’s worth a try!

So grab a cup of coffee and if you’ve got time you can visit the new site HERE! Let me know what you think in the comments.



PS:  If you have any questions about any of this drop me an email.  I love talking websites!