This post is part of an email I sent to a BFF artist.  I hope she doesn’t mind.
It’s a post about horses but not really.  It’s about how these souls:

Call out our STUFF.

They are mirrors to what’s inside; things that we don’t talk about or even realize are in us.
Yesterday, I lunged my horse for only the second time.  Being unclear in my mental message to him, transmitted through my body and mind, the horse was confused.  Fancy pants starts galloping around and bucking and I’m holding the lead line standing in the middle of the ring.  Blank.  Watching this horse circling around me at a speed that was enough to make me dizzy.  Thinking back, I realize he was looking straight at me the whole time.  Confused.
Truth.  My legs were trembling.  I could NOT believe the amount of energy this horse was generating.

“He’ll come back to you.  Count the rhythm, focus on his hindquarters.  SEND HIM FORWARD!”  my trainer said.

Oh god.  Am I too old for this?  Or maybe he’s too young!  Why is monkey mind showing up now?!?!?!
This was a moment of GET IT TOGETHER.  NOW.  This moment.  I had to trust those words and myself, calm my breathing and mentally send him the message.  I thought I was focusing….HAHAHA.  Fancy pants proved me wrong.
Makes me think about other stuff I do.  Am I really focusing?  Mr. First called my bluff.  Fair and square.
He also showed me I could get it together.  It wasn’t an issue of externals but of my ability to align mind and body.  I took a deep breath and exhaled into the ground and did exactly what my trainer said.  Within one and a half circles, that horse was back with me calmly trotting, confident and trusting in me to show him the way.
If you find yourself running in circles, choose one thing to focus on and send it forward.  It works!