…a little break from the studio to focus on my other life long journey.  Mr. First.  Remember him?

I spent 4 days away from the art studio to be immersed in the horse studio. The skills from one studio easily transfer to the next.  Once respect has been cultivated there is an allowance for mistakes, questions and leaps of faith.  Art. Horse. Dance. Music.  It’s about getting into your bubble and working from the inside out to create that color, sound or movement.

One practice sheds light on the other. Through the horse I build patience in my painting and remember to breathe and lighten up when things aren’t quite right. That rightness has a feeling, an intuition which crosses all platforms. A little thread that only now after many years on the planeta I see I’ve been pulling along studio by studio.

As a leader in the horse dance, I need to lead! I set the pace, direction and form. But here’s the gem.

There has to be an invitation.

An agreement.  We each play a role in what we create today.

“Would you like to dance with me today?” I ask First.

I wonder how it might be if we approach the art studio in the same way.  Can we enter the studio and take a moment to look around and honor all that we’ve created; the good and the not so good.  Perhaps we can show a little respect and sweep the floor before we get to work to develop a direction and rhythm.

Within each painting is an invitation to dance.  To play.  To bend and be effortless.

How will you respond?