Ask and ye shall receive!  The names poured in from you.  Thank you.

All of them had warmth, energy and bounce to them.  One person came up with a title I’ve used before.  How uncanny is that?

I gave the paintings their official titles today.  A christening and now they can be on this website speaking up and standing out.  To have a name says, “I matter.”


To this day, I don’t understand why people abbreviate or use a nick name.  I guess you can dislike your name and change it.  When I was a kid I demanded that people call me by my full name.  It wasn’t Fran or Franny.  If they called me that I wouldn’t answer.  Sometimes my father would call me by my sister’s name and I wouldn’t answer that either.  It really bothered me.  My full name gave me strength.

Now I’m beginning to wonder why I title my paintings as phrases or imagery.  Why don’t I name them Margaret, Ivan or Teresinha?   Perhaps next series I’ll name my paintings first and then paint into them.  To begin from a position of presence.

Well, the titles are done.  Here they are.

  1. Juice
  2. Summer Riff
  3. Sunny Side of the Street
  4. Layer Cake

You can visit them on my New Work page and see how it turned out.