The art fair ended as quietly as it had started.  I watched some last minute buyers make quick choices at a booth across the aisle from me.  I’ve learned to never pack up early.  You just never know what might happen and often the pressure of the show ending encourages a buying frenzy.

“Shoppers, please take your items to the register.  We will be closing in 15 minutes.”

We’ve all heard that.  Suddenly you’re putting items into your basket without hesitation.  One look and a decision.  Time is now finite.  The end of art fairs can be like this too.  Didn’t happen for me this time; yet the possibility is always there.  I even pack up slowly just in case.

I’m pleased with my sales.  California Coastline went out the door with an interior designer from San Francisco.  Other artists sold to consultants, received invitations for museum shows or picked up some commissions.

“Give me a compliment.”

California Coastline 12″ x 12″ encaustic

It wasn’t a request but a statement.

I was caught off guard by my neighbor’s request.  We still had a few more hours left on day 2 of the art fair and the pace was slowing down.  She was working the booth for the artist and not used to the lulls.  She was searching for conversation.

Well this woke me up.  I had only known her for 5 hours and already she was asking me questions as if we had been friends for years.  By that point it felt like we had!

I hesitated for a moment and then jumped into truthful positivity.

“You greeted every person with a smile and a hello.”
“You stood up every time someone approached the booth.”
“Your attire was a perfect compliment to the jewelry presentation.”
“You were great company and made me laugh.”

I loved it!  My mood shifted.  We laughed.

“Why did you ask me that?”  I wanted to know.
“Because you have wise eyes.”

We laughed again.