I subscribe to a few people myself.

Seth Godin’s  blog arrives daily.  He has not missed a day in 11 years.

I was going to blame PGE on not getting my blog done; but I thought of Seth and knew I needed to level up.  If you need to raise your game, be inspired, learn more about doing work that matters; check him out.

So with a tip of the hat to Seth, I’ve copied in below one of his most recent posts.  This one hit me between the eyes.  It helped me return for the umpteenth time to a painting that keeps escaping me.  Maybe it’s done; maybe not.  But I feel a lot braver for doing the work.

abstract painting

a brave move

Here is Seth’s blog.

The limits of technique

It’s possible that you no longer need to get better at your craft. That your craft is just fine.

It’s possible that you need to be braver instead.

You can read his post HERE.

Lights out!