It’s almost 9pm on Wednesday night and the house is silent. The rustling has stopped and I believe the wind has worn itself out, for now.

Mr. First and I played in the last of the wind. Twirling funnels of dust appeared and disappeared in the outdoor arena, sand monsters trying to scare us. We were caught off guard by large dry sycamore leaves biting at our feet. Mr. First stared them down and they rolled away. Funny horse. His monsters become my monsters.

I have studio monsters too! Grappling with these new 40″ square paintings. I’m moving through the composition in an all over way. Meaning, I’m not focusing on one area but move in then out to keep the big picture in view.

It’s so easy to get caught in the details of one area that I lose the message of the piece. At the end of a work session I want the whole piece to be elevated not just one section. Reminds me of plate twirlers who run from plate to plate widening their vision to maintain complete energy. A twist here, a shake there.

The spin continues.