I’m in Portugal brushing off the post SF Open Studio mode. It’s time to not think about painting, shows and the plan for 2020. Let the strategizing go and be a sponge to the shapes, sounds and sights of Golega, Portugal.

Golega is a city renowned for its Lusitano Horse Fair. For one week, there is an endless stream of elegant Portuguese riders, dressed in traditional clothing parading around town on their Lusitano horses. First is a Lusitano.


I’m also making a point of taking photos of what catches my eye. I look for shape, contrast, textures and color. The rain and overcast winter skies is an unusual palette for this California girl stepping out of the dry fire ridden Bay Area.

I’m drawn to simplicity right now and I think these photos capture that.

Back in a week.



Garden wall in Golega.

What is the significance of the cross and the circle at the Convento de Cristo in Tamar?

Abstract Expressionism in Golega. A return to texture and layers?