A conversation fueled by a good question can make all the difference.

Trip? Painting? How do all the pieces come together. I was asked over dinner how my time in Portugal will show up in my paintings. It was a perfect question and time for me to start articulating what I’ve been seeing.

Three elements come to the surface.




We visited a library dedicated to the Equestrian Art. On the walls were etchings by Goya, watercolors, oil paintings and diagrams. The picture above is an example of illustrative teachings on particular horses moves. I find them charming and reminded me of my gafieira bird illustration.

Horse + gafieira bird = gafieira horse?

Rainel Azulejos. A beautiful piece by Eduardo Nery, 2005

I see vibrant butterflies crossing planes of color.

The stone walls were aged and chipped. Gorgeous Azure Blue was the primary color along with an ochre. I took a number of close up shots like the one above to study texture and minimal color. I’m thinking of returning to a more gestural painting when I finish my current series of high contrast, clean lined paintings.

I think I’m ready for 2020!