We were coming to the close of our Portugal trip when my roommate and I started talking about Lightness.  As she began to read an older post on this subject she read this line back to me.

Lightness is unattainable; we know that.

She paused, pursed her lips and got quiet.  I knew this meant she disagreed and was thinking it over. Lightness in this context referred to our riding.  This was a horse and cultural trip through Portugal after all!  Roomie, an accomplished, experienced  and light rider began to speak.  I listened.

“The horse is already light.”

Bonk.  Now I paused and stared ahead in thought.  She was right.  Absolutely right.  The lightness is in front of me waiting.

Our conversation developed and jumped from horse to life which is one of the same.  If the horse is already light why did I set a limiting belief on myself? I know how lightness feels on a horse so why did I think it was unattainable.

If the horse is already light then I think it is fair to say I am already light.  What disconnected these truths?  Time to brush away the cobwebs and take a look.

We ride as we are.  Different cultures bring their characteristics into the ride.  Some are strong and forceful.  Others bend, swoop and dance.  Individual personalities show up in the ride too.  The good and the bad.  My default is to disappear and get too quiet on Mr. First in my quest for Lightness.  My teachers tell me to involve myself more with him.  Talk to him constantly and loudly!  He wants a leader.

It was an easy transition for Roomie and me to jump into a conversation about habits that might be limiting our desires and dreams.  I quickly recognized limiting beliefs that were playing out in my art and social life.  Oh Mr. First; what you teach me.

The takeaway from it all?

Get involved.

For me, Lightness in life means being in joy and ease under all conditions.   It is already there.

Thanks Roomie.  I feel a difference already.