Well an apology is in order for that last post.  Little did I know that a simple colon, hyphen and parenthesis would create a huge, yellow smiley face that would take over the screen.  Oops!  On the website it shows as an emoji.  Lesson learned.

I got to thinking about smiley faces and remember a fellow art student from my college days.  As I stood in my corner painting life size figurative abstracts on paper tacked to the wall, he was drawing one smiley face after another on a canvas.  I was quiet, pensive and moody; he was laughing and have a good ole time.  What?

Here’s my version of a canvas of smiles.

I highly suggest doing this; it makes you instantly HAPPY!

But there is a grouch in every crowd.  Can you find her?

Don’t be the grouch this week.  Be the smiley face in your crowd!