I’ve recently backed off on my participation with social media.  When I helicopter up and look down at what I’m doing I see a little monkey, neck hunched over pressing buttons on a slim box.  It’s the “be the fly on your wall” strategy.

My nephew can be a little monkey too, hunched over his tablet playing games.

“What are you learning?”  I recently asked him.

“Well, I’m exercising my fingers.”


(Incidentally, fingers don’t have muscles.  The muscles that are used to move the fingers are located in the palm and forearm.  I learned this from my piano teacher.  Finger strength doesn’t exist in playing the piano; it’s more about the drop of the hand onto the keys.)

At least he had a thoughtful reason and one more sensible than mine.

horse and skyAs my title suggests, I do have to give a nod to social media.  Through Instagram I’ve been able to connect with a fellow Lusitano horse owner.  We’ve shared all sorts of sentiments about this lovely, grand breed of a warrior horse.  She’s helped me find blankets and rain jackets to fit their strong deep necks.  Body workers, trainers, breeders and more.  All through social media.

It was through a social media post that I mentioned I teach encaustic workshops.  How happy I was to hear she was interested in taking a class and she’ll fill the class with some of her friends!  Bingo.  We’d meet in real time!

That day I learned the power of friendship and spending face to face time with the people that are important to you in your life.  They were filling their happiness cups by being together and supporting their creative desires!

My happiness cup was filled by sharing what I love with others, watching them be courageous in their art making and providing a space for them to be happy.

encaustic studio

When social media leads to positive human interactions I’m all for it.  If I need to exercise my fingers I’ll play the piano. :-)



If you’re interested in a creative way to be with your friends, consider taking an encaustic workshop with me!  Follow this link to my workshop information for the next few months.