How has the virus impacted or changed your art practice or ability to make a living? What are you doing to get through this difficult period of time?
I received this question from the organizer of an art fair.  He’s in the process of developing a virtual pop-up show.  He asked artists to respond to this question:
After the initial emotional roller coaster of understanding the situation we are in; I pivoted my perspective and said, “There is opportunity here.”

A number of studio visits were cancelled and so I created Private Password Pages for my clients to browse from home. In so doing, my connection and understanding of my collectors increased.  I am here to help them.  My encaustic workshops were cancelled too.  I’m in the process of developing video segments of my instruction to get to my students.  Online teaching!

My desire to paint increased.  I feel a greater purpose.
I value what I do more now.  The world needs hope, color and connection.  This is what we do.  This is what art is for.
If you’re not an artist, you can easily substitute your “activity” for art.
Looking at the question now, I feel there is a negative/hardship slant.  True, this is a difficult time.
Or is it?
Stay at home possibly turning into months.  I’ve learned about Instacart, navigating Zoom, and creating new daily habits.  The non-negotiables.
So much depends on perspective.
What if we asked:
“What are you doing to get through this period of time?”

“What are you doing to get through time?”

There.  Reading this question my chest is open and I can breathe.
Remember:  Wash your hands constantly and don’t touch your face!