I just finished writing my monthly newsletter. It took many days to write because I didn’t really know what to say.  We’re all coping in our own way.  I’m grateful that my life is relatively solitary to begin with, though I miss dancing tango, visiting family and friends and not having to worry about touching my face!

I also appreciate my neighborhood even more.  I joked that when I first moved in there were many “old” people.  Now I’m one of the old people and so happy I’m here!  Our list serve is filled with offers to shop for each other, delivery of quail eggs and to join an organic farm box drop.

I’ve included in this blog my newsletter which marks where I am with all of this.  Apologies if you’re reading it twice!



The newsletter begins-----------

I hope this letter finds you well and making the best of our universal situation.  For those who are sick or grieving for lost ones I send condolences.  I believe good will eventually come from this experience and I’ve already noticed changes in my neighborhood and how I go through the day.  Perhaps you’ve observed this too.

March was spent in reflection and getting my “house” in order.  I took a week off from routine to establish new non-negotiables to mark the day.  One of them was starting a new series using color and stripes.

I wanted to be in the studio immersed in simplicity, repetition and depth.  The paintings turned into their own meditation and allowed me to find a peace in the chaos.  Knowing that my studio is off limits for now and our yearly June East Bay Open Studio has been postponed I thought now is the time to get my online shopping site back up!

I’m excited to finally be able to provide an opportunity for you to purchase my work without leaving your house!  There are only 12 paintings so far in this series I’ve named Stripes Forever.  They’re all relatively small, easy to place and an adrenaline rush of color.  (For all you Zoomers they might provide a nice backdrop for those conference calls!)

I hope you check the site out, share it with your friends and choose a painting for yourself.  They could also make unique graduation gifts.  All the information is below.

From your home to my home.  I’m keeping physically distant but am always available to help however I can.